Annie's Tea Tips

Annie's Tea Tips

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Making Tea for a Crowd
How to use a Chatsford Teapot
How to Make Your Own Teabag

Golden Rules of Tea Brewing
  • Any tea is only as good as the water with which you brew. Always start with fresh cold water and only heat it once. (I use filtered water.) When water is boiled it starts to lose the dissolved oxygen that brings out the flavor of the tea.
  • Tea needs good hot water to brew properly. Always warm the teapot with a splash of hot water and discard before you add the leaves.
  • Measure the tea carefully. The strength of a tea should be determined by the amount of tea you put in the pot, not by the brewing time.
  • Pour on the water. Most teas are brewed for 4-5 minutes (or as long as it takes to read Psalm 51) to bring out the best flavors. If steeped longer, the tea over-brews and becomes bitter.
  • Once the tea has brewed, it should be strained and poured immediately.
How To Decaffeinate Your Tea

If you prefer your tea without caffeine, start by preparing tea the proper way. Cover the tea leaves with one or two inches of boiling water, just enough water to cover the leaves. Let the water stay on the leaves for 30 to 45 seconds, then pour off the water, but keep the leaves.

Now fill the teapot with boiling water and brew in the proper way, 3 to 5 minutes. You will have removed about 90% of the caffeine!

How to Keep Your Sandwiches Moist

There is nothing worse than dry tea sandwiches. Keep your sandwiches moist by using a damp, not wet, paper towel over the sandwiches until served. If making the sandwiches ahead of time, separate them with waxed paper, then cover them with the damp paper towel.

How to Store Your Tea

Keep your tea fresh by never allowing moisture in your tea caddy.

Which Teas Have Caffeine?

Both green and black tea have caffeine.

Making tea sandwiches

Don't over fill your tea sandwiches, a thin filling looks nicer and is easier to eat!

Afternoon Tea for Couples

Need an idea for a “couples” get together? Have an afternoon tea. Plan a few more sandwiches for the men.

Filling your teacup

Never fill your tea cup to the rim.. It could easily spill over into the saucer and cause the teacup to drip tea when drinking.

Tea from India

India is the largest producer of tea. India's most recognized teas are Assam and Darjeeling, named for the regions they are grown.

Must haves for tea

Just getting started in enjoying tea? You need very few accouterments (items) for enjoying tea. But as you become a tea lover, you will acquire a fondness for things that go with tea. The first item to consider purchasing is a teapot, then an electric tea kettle. The convenience of an electric tea kettle makes it to the top of my list.

Time for tea before dinner

Had a busy day? Sit down for a cup of tea before starting dinner. Put a "Veggie Tales" video on for the kids...and take five.

Traveling tea basket

Create a traveling tea basket to "take tea" to a friend. It is just the thing to refresh a new mother or an ailing friend. Place a teapot, two teacups and saucers, spoons, tea, teaball or tea strainer, two linen napkins and a package of "biscuits" or cookies. All you need to add is water for the tea when you arrive. A tea basket also makes a wonderful gift.